Happy Customers


"I bought one of Adam's pens because...well, because he's a friend. But then I picked it up in my hand. It's got heft. It's got style. It's got gravitas. When you write with it, you feel compelled to write big things, important things. I asked Adam to pick one out for me and he chose a beautiful maple burl. It's really gorgeous. Striking. And the pewter-colored metal cap clicks on and off with a reassuring and substantial sound thanks to the magnets inside-- besides looking retro and moderne at the same time. I'm totally loving this Ingle Woodcraft pen." - Bill F.

"Adam's magnetic cap wood pens are beautiful and will result in numerous compliments if kept on your desk at the office. In addition to being a gorgeous pen, it is the smoothest and most satisfying pen I have ever written with. When you have one, you will be looking for excuses to write with it as often as possible. My only complaint is that I can now never use a normal pen again without disgust and disappointment." -Brock G.

"When Adam, my husband, and I sat down and started talking about specs for the table, I knew he took his work very seriously. We went through a lot of options as to what the table could look like, and when we finally came to a final plan, I couldn't wait to see the end result! The table is beautiful. He was even able to incorporate some of the "raw edge" look I was going for, which I love. We plan on having many meals and great conversations around this table, and it means even more to me to know it was custom made for those memories!" -Juli W.

"I love handcrafted items. My fountain pen from Ingle Woodcraft is always prominently displayed on my desk. It's my go-to pen for day-to-day work. I get more comments about that pen than anything else in my office. There's nothing better than knowing I own a quality product made by a quality woodworker." -Nate C.

"Adam Ingle has crafted an assortment of pens for me and honestly I would not buy another quality pen like this from anyone else but Adam! His attention to detail is amazing and just the pride he shows in his work both during the crafting and delivery is incredible! Purchase these pens from Adam Ingle. You won't be disappointed." -Doug T.

"As the sun begins to peak in the sky over the flooded rice and I lay my favorite hand-crafted cocobolo duck call down, I find joy that I will soon be sitting at my desk, able to pick up my favorite hand-crafted cocobolo inkpen. The workmanship of this Ingle Woodcraft pen is better than that of any pen I have owned before. As you can see in my now perfected handwriting , its beauty is matched by its quality on paper. To add to the perfection of the pen, the order process and shipping was faster than a dozen Woodie sweeping down the Cache River at shooting time." -Micah S.